An Intense Structured Training Weekend Designed to Maximize Your Potential

The camp is for amateur baseball umpires of SouthEast Michigan and the surrounding area.

Southeast Michigan Umpire Camp is a non profit 501c3 Corporation

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2019 Camp is now open for Registration. Sign up by Nov 15th for the Early Bird Rate!

Here are some of the topics that we will cover but there will be several more: Rule changes, review of rule changes, Balks, Interference, Strike Zones, 2 man mechanics, plate mechanics.

Fri. Feb 15th

Sat. Feb 16th

Sunday Feb 17th

Hotel Accomodations

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Hotel Livonia Marriott – If you plan on staying at the hotel and have not made your reservations yet you need to so ASAP.

About Us

The goal of our annual camp is to provide assistance in improving our umpiring skills and capabilities. We do this with qualified instructors who have years of practical experience on the field and have the communication skills to effectively teach the game of baseball.

Please let us know what types of training and/or instruction you would like to see at our yearly camp.

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