THE SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN UMPIRE CAMP is a non profit 501c3 Corporation.  The camp is
for amateur baseball umpires of SouthEast Michigan and the surrounding area.  The goal of our annual camp is to provide assistance in improving our umpiring skills and capabilities. We do this with qualified instructors who have years of practical experience on the field and have the communication skills to effectively teach the game of baseball.  View our By-Laws

The 2014 camp will be held February 14th through February 16th, 2014.  The camp will be held again in 2014  at Livonia Stevenson High School with hotel facilities at the Detroit Marriot Livonia Hotel.  You can call  800-228-9290 and ask for the Southeastern Umpires Room Block or click on Detroit Marriot Livonia Hotel to make a reservation later in the fall of 2013.  Check the registration and information pages by September for updates.

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Special guest for Sunday is Umpire Mark Ditsworth, a NCAA DI Regional Advisor.

Mark Ditsworth NCAA DI Regional Advisor
Ditsworth, of Lansing, MI, brings 39 years of experience to the position which has included supervising and evaluating umpires. His personal officiating background includes many years of baseball and basketball experience. He has worked 15 DI Regionals, 8 DI Super Regionals and 3 DI College World Series, including 2013. He has umpired primarily in the Big 10, Big East and Mid American Conferences working many conference tournaments and the 2007 World Cup.


SEMUC 2014 Class Photo



And, a few photos of the 2012 SEMUC experience!!


Registration with key players Food line Snow Baseball Class Instruction
Umpire Vendors with new the newest products. Lunch buffet Snow Baseball !! Classroom Instruction
Intensive Training Small Group Instruction Individual Cage Time Actual Demonstrations


And, here are some comments from camp participants regarding the overall weekend of training and instruction:

►This past camp was THE best ever.  The intensity we had in every session was grueling and demanding.  But we continue to learn and seek to know more every day, every week, every month, every game.  Westudy, read, watch videos, attend games seeking to be the best we can---- and thats what this camp instilled into us.  The presence of James Hoye was incredible.  One of the chosen as we called him.   A goal we as umpires talk about, dream about, wish about and then reality sets in knowing we'll never get there BUT we strive to be the
very best we can every game --- whether it high school, tee ball, federation ball, recreation ball, fall ball ---- a game is THE game.  The base sessions as well as the cages sessions were very instrumental in yet taking us veterans to a higher awareness of learning.  The classrooms with Matt and Gary were fabulous.  Questions and answers at its finest.  But you as the organizer accomplished  something very few people do in a camp setting as this.  As a former special forces person, I know a little about team work, camaraderie and friendship.
While  you manage to beat the heck out of us for two days, you remain friends and inspirations to us all.  Take a bow for that.  We will never be able to thank you enough for what you've done for us.  We are glad that we have found your magic kingdom of safes & outs, balls & strikes.   We even brought a rookie with us this year.  He was dog tired on Sunday but the best quote I heard from him was, " ... now I know why you guys are so good."  I apologize for the length.  You ask for thoughts and I delivered.  Now --- "Play Ball"!
Bill Plegue II - SEMUC Student

►Thank you so much for providing this excellent clinic. Most of us do not realize what all is entailed to put it on. I only see a small portion of it in attending the softball portion of it. All I can say is THANX FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS!
Best Regards---Gary Bowen SEMUC Softball Student

►Just wanted to pass along that I thought the last session that group H had yesterday (the scenarios and "what-ifs") was by far the best part of the camp for me. I've been umping for a while now and have
been fortunate to attend a couple of instructional clinics in the past; yours was the first to do anything like this.  I like to think that I have a grasp on most of the mechanics and most of the rules; however, having a grasp on the rules is very different from being able to apply them correctly in the heat of the moment.  Well done.

Bill Parker President
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