Bill Parker

Bill Parker

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Bill Parker (MHSAA Certified Observer / Assignor)

President & Founder of SEMUC

Current Levels of Baseball working: Frontier Professional League, United Shore Professional Baseball League (Supervisor of Umpires- USPBL)

Past Levels of Baseball worked: MHSAA, Minor League Baseball, Gulf Coast League, Mid-
West League. (A)

Professional Umpire Schools Attended: Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring.

Umpire Camps or Schools instructed at: Instructor for Jim Evans Academy (3 years),

SEMUC President / Co- Director

Total Years Umpiring: 21

Tournaments/Championships Umpired: Mid-West League All-Star Game, Mid-West League

Playoffs. MHSAA Quarter Finals, MHSAA Finals Crew Chief 2010.

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